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Luxury Vibrators

Treat you and your partner, or just yourself to some of the best high end vibrators for women, and enhance your sex life with a stimulating touch of luxury.
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  • Insignia Alia

    Insignia Alia

    Luxury personal massager with a 3 button control interface and 6 near silent vibration modes.
  • Lelo Insignia Isla

    Lelo Insignia Isla

    Rechargeable and waterproof this luxury vibrator can provide a delightful 6 functions vibrating pleasure anywhere.
  • Vanity Vr1

    Vanity Vr1

    Enjoy keeping your pelvic floor in shape with this body safe silicone kegel style luxury vaginal vibrator and its choice of exercise or pleasure mode.
  • Insignia Soraya

    Insignia Soraya

    Rechargeable luxury rabbit style vibrator, gives up to four hours of fun from a full charge.
  • Vanity VR2

    Vanity VR2

    USB rechargeable and whisper quiet multispeed personal massager with Independent dual motors, incremental speed control.
  • Lelo INA 2

    Lelo INA 2

    With a flexible clitoral stimulator and curved shaft delivering rabbit style stimulation at its best.
  • Lelo Elise 2

    Lelo Elise 2

    Shaped to fit a woman’s curves and deliver 8 quietly satisfying intense functions of vibration.
  • Lelo NEA

    Lelo NEA

    This intense personal massager, with 5 multispeed functions, is a superb addition to the bedroom for couples or solo play.
  • Lelo Lily

    Lelo Lily

    The original classic clitoral massager for both solo and couple play that has stood the test of time.
  • Lelo Mona 2

    Lelo Mona 2

    Medium sized rechargeable G spot vibrators, designed to take sensuality to the next level with 6 powerful multi-speed vibration function and curved tapered shaft.
  • Lelo Mia 2

    Lelo Mia 2

    Discreet luxury lipstick vibrator, with 6 vibrating, pulsating and escalation functions, will go un-noticed in a woman’s purse.
  • Embrace Body Wand

    Embrace Body Wand

    Rechargeable dual ended full body silicone wand massager with 7 intense vibration, pulsation and escalating functions.
  • Envy Fifteen

    Envy Fifteen

    This luxury silicone panty vibe has 5 remote controlled functions and independent speed control.
  • Je Joue G-Kii

    Je Joue G-Kii

    Vibrators for women with a lockable adjustable shape, 8 inch insertable length and 7 pulsing vibration patterns customizable clitoral and G Spot stimulation.
  • Je Joue Uma

    Je Joue Uma

    Versatile vaginal vibrator, with 7 vibration patterns and 5 speeds and shaped to be in tune with a woman’s curves.
  • Key Aries

    Key Aries

    Luxuriously soft finger vibrator, with its form fitting ambidextrous design, is ideal for clitoral massage from 5 powerful but discreet vibration patterns.
  • Key Ceres G Spot

    Key Ceres G Spot

    Shaped to discreetly tease and please this sensually smooth g spot vibrator has 7 whisper quiet but intense vibration functions
  • Key Ceres Lace

    Key Ceres Lace

    Versatile vibrator for women, for vaginal or clitoral stimulation, with a soft silicone raised lace patterned shaft and 7 whisper quiet functions.
  • Key Ceres Original

    Key Ceres Original

    This smooth silicone vibrator with classic curves boasts 7 quiet vibration patterns for clitoral and vaginal pleasure.
  • Key Ceres Rabbit

    Key Ceres Rabbit

    Equipped to deliver dual stimulations that really hit the right spots, with independent dual motors and 7 powerful vibration patterns.
  • Key Charms Curve

    Key Charms Curve

    This perfect first vibrator for women is sure to a twinkle in your eye with its uniquely textured body, and multi-function vibrations.
  • Key Charms Lace

    Key Charms Lace

    This bullet vibrator with 5 intense vibration patterns and unique patterned sleeve delivers whisper quiet satisfaction.
  • Key Charms Plush

    Key Charms Plush

    Perfect for beginners and pleasure on the go this bullet vibrator has a removable sleeve and 5 superb vibration patterns.
  • Key Charms Silk

    Key Charms Silk

    Whisper quiet bullet vibrators with a removable soft silicone textured sleeve and 5 vibration patterns.
  • Key Charms Velvet

    Key Charms Velvet

    Uniquely textured bullet vibrators with a soft body safe silicone sleeve and 5 intense but whisper quiet vibration patterns.
  • Key Comet II G Wand

    Key Comet II G Wand

    With the same perfect curves as the original Key Comet but enhanced by a powerful motor providing 7 superb vibration patterns for even better G Spot Stimulation.
  • Key Skye G Wand

    Key Skye G Wand

    With a flexible shaft that will bend and curve to massage all the right spots with 7 patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation.
  • Key Vela

    Key Vela

    Soft body safe silicone vibrator for women with 7 quietly intense functions, for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  • Key Virgo

    Key Virgo

    With 7 powerful functions is the perfect vibrator for women who crave pleasure from extra intensity.
  • Lelo Gigi 2

    Lelo Gigi 2

    The best selling luxury silicone G spot vibrator is now waterproof with more power and 8 vibrating, pulsating and escalating functions.
  • Lelo Hula Beads

    Lelo Hula Beads

    Experience a new rotating and vibrating sensation with these waterproof, rechargeable luxury 8 eight function pleasure beads.
  • Lelo Ida

    Lelo Ida

    Offering powerful vibration and rotation giving mind blowing sensations to both while making love.
  • Lelo Liv 2

    Lelo Liv 2

    With 8 discreetly quiet vibration patterns and curved soft silicone shaft, blends comfortably with a woman's body to deliver intense vaginal stimulation.
  • Lelo Lyla 2

    Lelo Lyla 2

    This luxury wireless silicone egg vibrator lets you discreetly enjoy long-range pleasure anywhere.
  • Lelo Ora 2

    Lelo Ora 2

    The first clitoral massager, with 10 vibrating, pulsating and escalating pattern, to offer you the same waves of ecstasy you receive from oral sex.
  • Lelo Siri 2

    Lelo Siri 2

    Massage vibrator with 8 preset patterns of vibration that respond to your favourite music.
  • Lelo Smart Wand

    Lelo Smart Wand

    Unwind with the latest Sense Touch technology combined with intensity in a cordless wand massager
  • Lust L1

    Lust L1

    Rechargeable, waterproof and discreetly intense luxury vibrator, with incremental speed control, is a woman’s ideal travelling companion.
  • Lust L2

    Lust L2

    Small, smooth and quiet vibrator for women with intense multi speed vibration and incremental speed control.
  • Lust L2.5

    Lust L2.5

    Quietly discreet silicone vibrators for women, with incremental multi speed control for clitoral or G Sot stimulation, USB rechargeable, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Lust L3

    Lust L3

    Discreetly quiet luxury bullet vibrator with incremental speed control, auto on/off button and security lock
  • Lust L5

    Lust L5

    This rechargeable 10 function luxury vibrator offers total full coverage whisper quiet stimulation.
  • Lust L6

    Lust L6

    Discreetly quiet and intimately contoured silicone G Spot vibrator, with full coverage petals deliver to deliver all round stimulation from 10 vibrating, pulsating and escalating functions.
  • Opal Wand

    Opal Wand

    With an insertable four inch body safe glass shaft and dual motors that provide ten intense pulsing and escalating vibration modes to thrill you.
  • Rhythm Chari

    Rhythm Chari

    Luxury silicone rabbit style sex toy with a 1.5 inch insertable length, 2 powerful vibration motors and intense 7 multi speed rhythmic functions.
  • Rhythm Dandiya

    Rhythm Dandiya

    Luxury G spot vibrator with a soft contoured silicone shaft, 4 intensities of vibration and 7 rhythmic patterns, delivered by 2 powerful motors.
  • Rhythm Natya

    Rhythm Natya

    Bendable luxury silicone couples vibrator with synchronized remote control and 7 intense rhythmic vibration patterns, can be worn during lovemaking.
  • Vanity VR10

    Vanity VR10

    Luxury silicone rotating rabbit vibrator with incremental vibration speed control and independent rotation functions.
  • Vive Aviva

    Vive Aviva

    $89.01 $98.99
    This tongue shaped silicone vibrator delivers 10 powerful multi speed vibration patterns for intense vaginal or clitoral stimulation.
  • Vive Minu

    Vive Minu

    $80.00 $88.99
    Firm but flexible soft silicone vibrator, from the new Vive range of luxury pleasure products, with a unique lay on shape and 10 powerful vibration patterns.
  • Vive Shiatsu

    Vive Shiatsu

    Wand vibrators with a reversible design, provide strong all round stimulation from 10 unique vibration patterns.
  • Vive Zenki

    Vive Zenki

    $125.91 $139.90
    Just download the Vive App from the Apple Store or Google Play to control the 10 preinstalled modes and create your own remote control vibration patterns.